A visual Schedule

Children with Autism

The first wearable picture-based scheduler

Visual Schedule’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to create a picture-based, personalized daily schedule. Empower yourself or your child to keep track of scheduled activities independently. The app’s accessible design helps build deeper understanding of time management and and important schedule-related concepts, including:

  • Recognizing what activity you are engaged in the moment
  • How long the scheduled activity will take
  • When to get ready to transition
  • When the next scheduled activity will happen
  • What tasks need to be completed within the current activity


Discover new assistive tech possibilities and promote greater independence with the Apple Watch and Visual Schedule.

Staying on task is made easy with unique event-progress monitoring.

Create a visual schedule on the iPhone with a simple tap and drag. Easily create custom events and tasks personalized for your child’s schedule.

Discreet vibration alert feature supports smooth transitions from one activity to the next.

Traditional Visual Schedules VS.
the Visual Schedule app by Enuma

Understanding and following a daily routine is an important life skill that is often difficult for children who struggle to manage their time. Not knowing what comes next can decrease a child’s ability to self-regulate potential anxiety. Teachers and parents spend time making visual schedules, task analyses and social stories in order to help children understand and follow daily routines. But these traditional visual schedules often employ antiquated mediums like paper calendars and visual timers, which are time intensive to create and maintain. Conversely, some high-tech schedulers are utilized by adults in teaching children, but are too complex to be used independently by the children who really need them. Visual Schedule by Enuma hits the sweet spot by utilizing simple and effective graphics and interfaces to empower children to take control of their personal schedules.

All the features in the world aren't helpful if the user interface isn't a) easy to learn, and b) quick to use. Enuma's visual schedule is both.

Jennifer McDonald-Peltier, MS, ATP
Assistive Technology Specialist
Berkeley, CA

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