Todo Matrix

Critical and Logical thinking is fundamental to learning math concepts

Todo® Number Matrix is inspired by a popular game found inside the award-winning Todo Math app. We expanded the game to include 63 matrices across 6 different categories so children can stay engaged for long periods of play. Each category is uniquely designed to cover math skills such as categorization, number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions.


About Todo Matrix

Todo® Number Matrix is a delightful app with 6 multi-level games that help children practice foundational math skills like categorization, number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication and fractions. Whether you have a preschooler or 1st grader, Todo Number Matrix is sure to keep your child fully engaged with fun and challenging puzzles.


Children will solve matrices using counting and number recognition skills. Puzzles in this category also mimic how a child recognizes numbers in the natural environment by using clocks, dice and other common objects.


The logic matrices use pictures to help build understanding of the relationships between objects. These puzzles are engaging and intuitive.


Explore shapes and categorize them by size, color and number of sides. Children will also solve puzzles that help reinforce the relationships between shapes.

Addition and Subtraction

This category offers practice ranging from beginning to advanced addition and subtraction. Visual representations help reinforce these principles, particularly in early levels.


Practice multiplication exercises in a fun and nontraditional way! The matrices in this category begin with visual representations and move to more advanced multiplication problems.


Explore early fractions with puzzles appropriate for students in preschool all the way up through second grade. Students will explore concepts of whole and half, as well as dividing shapes and objects into equal parts.

Todo Number Matrix is a unique math app that does a great job targeting a wide audience and meeting the needs of those children. Overall, I highly recommend this app for young children, especially those that are visual learners.

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