Engaging and Accessible Math for Preschool and Beyond

Todo Math® is an engaging and accessible math app for children in Pre-K through 2nd Grade.  From counting to fractions, Todo Math’s Common Core-aligned curriculum covers all of the foundational math skills kids learn in school.  Featuring 700+ fun math activities, Todo Math provides hours of practice that will help your child build confidence and excel in school and out.

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About Todo Math​

Your child’s math adventure starts here!  Todo Math includes three play modes: Daily Adventure (Challenge Lab for Level E & beyond), Mission (Challenge Library for Level E & Beyond), and Free Choice.  Each mode provides a unique way to experience all the amazing skill-building content that Todo Math has to offer.

Daily Adventure Mode

Daily Adventure provides kids with 10 ~ 15 minutes of daily math practice, which has been proven to help build foundational math skills. Aligned to your child’s age and skill level, this mode gives kids the chance to explore a seasonally themed map, play tons of fun mini-games and collect cool prizes. In Level E and beyond, Daily Adventure becomes Challenge Lab, a more advanced play mode for more advanced learners.

Mission Mode

Mission provides 60+ standards-aligned missions that allow kids to progress subject-by-subject from simple counting all the way to multiplication.  In Level E and beyond, Mission becomes Challenge Library, which features advanced assessments to help kids master all the most important early math skills.

Free Choice Mode

Todo Math currently features 40+ multi-level games, with new games added all the time! Free choice mode allows kids to pick exactly which game they want to play at which difficulty level.  Free Choice mode’s quick and targeted gameplay is perfect for brushing up on a specific math subjects.

Monster Collection

Monster Quizzes test children on the foundational math skills they have been practicing in Todo Math. Each quiz offers kids the chance to catch the monster and add it to their collection!

Built for ALL Children

Todo Math was designed with accessibility at its core. The app features multiple input modes to help children with fine motor difficulties, a dyslexic font for children with dyslexia, and an in-game help option.  Todo Math is also available in 8 different languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish and Portuguese, and the app’s intuitive presentation and gameplay makes it perfect for bilingual or ELL learners.

Making Math Fun and Positive

Math can be hard, so it’s important to recognize achievement! That’s why Todo Math rewards kids for each correct answer and each level cleared.  Children will collect stars as they progress through Todo Math, as well as pieces of the Map, keys to unlock treasure chests, and cool collectibles for Tally, the Todo Math mascot that accompanies children throughout their math journeys.  Monster Quizzes also offer kids the chance to prove their mastery of specific math skills and add the corresponding monsters to their collections!

The developers of Todo Math have taken special care to create a math tool that's safe for kids, inclusive of different learning abilities, and aligned to math educational standards and best practices.

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