Todo Telling Time

Interactive App for Learning to Tell Time

Learning to tell time, days and months is an important life skill. Todo® Telling Time provides playful learning activities for children in preschool through 2nd grade that help them learn all aspects of time telling through interactive mini-games. With Todo® Telling Time, children will learn to tell time to the hour and minute, as well as calendar concepts, digital time and the components of a daily schedule. Todo Telling Time also addresses secondary factors necessary to mastering time-telling.


About Todo Telling Time

Todo® Telling Time starts with the basics of time-telling, like learning the numbers on a clock, and builds to more complex concepts that depend on abstract reasoning, like time estimation.  The app also helps children learn days, weeks and months, which combined with learning to tell time, provides a strong foundation in some of the key organizational skills that people use every day.

Day and Weeks

Todo® Telling Time uses an engaging and intuitive presentation and fun puzzles to help children learn the days of the week, months in a year, and calendar numbering.  The app also features fun learning songs, which are proven mnemonic devices that help children memorize.

Ferris Wheel

The numbered cars of the Ferris Wheel have fallen and it’s up to you to put them back in the correct order. This game helps children learn the orientation of the numbers on a clock face in both hours and minutes.


Time to brush your teeth! Time to eat lunch! Time to play with the puppy! Set the analog clock to the correct time and watch a fun animation that corresponds with that time of the day. This game helps cement the relationship between time-of-day and specific activities, and also allows kids to practice checking an analogue clock against a digital clock.

Train Time

What time will the train leave the station? Use the number tiles to set the appropriate time. 


This cuckoo clock take on classic pattern memorization games helps children build short-term memory and sequencing skills as they watch and recreate the patterns of numbers in the order they’re presented.

Time Quiz

Time Quizzes empower children to put their time – telling skills to the test through multiple – choice games. Each level contains a different focus to help ensure mastery of all the most important scheduling skills.

This is a fantastically made and comprehensive app for teaching children to tell time. When you open up the app, time and date are immediately incorporated with an interactive analog clock that your child can manipulate to change the scene from day to night and vice versa, which also changes the digital clock, as well as the date.

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