Comprehensive Early Learning Solution Built for ALL Children

We created Kitkit School to bring high-quality learning experiences to the children who need them the most around the globe. Named for the word “to think” in Thai, Kitkit School is a tablet-based learning suite with a comprehensive curriculum that spans early childhood through early elementary. It is designed to provide children with the foundations and practice needed to build fundamental skills in literacy and numeracy regardless of access to school or resources.

About Kitkit School

Kitkit® School is designed to provide children with the foundations and practice needed to build fundamental skills in literacy and math — along with opportunities to explore other subjects including music and art — even without access to schools or resources. In order to enrich each child’s experience, reduce distractions and remove barriers, Kitkit School is designed as a comprehensive learning platform that includes : 
1) Game-based Kitkit Learning App    2) Library    3) Learning Tools.

1. Learning App

The Kitkit Learning App is a suite of interactive educational activities that lets children learn and practice foundational literacy and math skills. The current version of Kitkit School includes 12 learning courses covering early childhood literacy and math with over 600 mini-game activities.


  • Grounded in a leveled progression of books
  • Uses books, videos and activities to spark engagement and enhance comprehension
  • Six levels comprised of 12+ mini-games


  • Built on the team’s experience creating Todo Math, an award-winning, comprehensive Pre-K – 2nd Grade math learning suite with more than 6 million downloads worldwide since its launch on iOS in 2014
  • Uses multiple visual representations and digital manipulatives that help children develop a deep, tactile understanding of math concepts
  • Universal math curriculum that spans number tracing through multiplication

2. Library

  • Houses books and original videos that promote free exploration
  • Current Swahili version contains more than100 books and 40 learning videos
  • Designed to enable additional content to be added; our vision is an expansive library that contains hundreds of public domain and Creative Commons books, stories and videos for children to explore beyond their structured and leveled learning courses

3. Learning Tools

  • Houses small, simple apps that encourage creativity by utilizing the tablet’s touch-based interface
  • Current version includes musical instruments, a black board and drawing pad to help children build digital competency while also encouraging exploration and artistic expression
  • Our field-testing to date has demonstrated children’s engagement with these tools, which allow them the chance to develop and showcase their creativity

Why Kitkit School?

Foundational Skills

Based on leading research in early childhood brain development, Kitkit School uses best-practices in education to help children without access to school or resources build foundational skills in reading, writing and math.

Independent Learning

We apply Universal Design for Learning principles and a child-centric interface to ensure that every child has the ability to succeed as an independent learner.


Kitkit School’s nature-themed graphics and focus on all children connect the worlds’ diverse learners — regardless of race, gender or ability — to positive educational outcomes.

Efficacy Test in Africa

Team Kitkit School conducted three field tests in 2016 ~ 2017. These field tests included daily observations, an oral pre- and post-test for Standard 2 students, and a digital pre-and post-test for all participants. Our oral tests provided valuable information about the range of achievement within rural and peri-urban areas in Tanzania, with students in the two schools we tested scoring higher on average than Tanzania’s 2014 National Baseline Study would suggest. However, our findings were consistent with the 2014 National Baseline Study in that children’s scores in reading comprehension and more complicated math operations were significantly lower. Thus, while it seems early level concepts (such as number, letter and syllable identification) are memorable and retrievable concepts for children, they may need more support in more advanced conceptual tasks.

Young Learners Offered Educational Tablets
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Kitkit School is an exceptional learning tool built to teach all children early reading, writing and math. It has been named one of the finalists in the Global Learning XPRIZE competition.

A tangible result of Enuma’s commitment to delivering world-class learning solutions to every child in need, Enuma created Kitkit School for the Global Learning XPRIZE Competition, which challenges teams from around the world to develop open-source and scalable software that will enable children in developing

countries to teach themselves basic reading, writing and arithmetic. Among 700 applicants, Enuma is now one of the five finalists. Kitkit School is the tangible result of Enuma’s core commitment to deliver world class learning solutions to every child in needs.

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