Bottom Line: Kid in Story Book Maker is a must-have story creation tool for teachers in special-needs settings.


Kid in Story

Create & Share Customized Storybooks

Kid in Story® Book Maker lets your child be the star of their very own storybook! Created by award – winning app designers, Kid in Story® makes it easy and fun to create visual stories that support learning, social modeling and early literacy for all children.


About Kid in Story

Create and share customized storybooks with photos of your child or others as the main character! Utilizing intuitive templates and upload features, Kid in Story® makes it easy for you to create engaging and interactive stories using photos of your child in fantastical or realistic settings. You can even upload your story to Dropbox to share it with others, or download templates from the cloud to use with your own pictures.

Pre-Made Story Templates

Create your story from intuitive templates and share your creation with others. The 20 story templates cover a variety of practical and fanciful topics, including promoting good hygiene by washing your hands, a playful exploration of emotions and facial expressions, or a fantasy visit to San Francisco!

Create Custom Stories
with Your Own Images, Text and Narration

Kid in Story® empowers children to write their own stories or modify any of the existing templates for ultimate creativity and personalization, on their own or with help from an adult. You can even record your voice or child’s voice as the narrator. When the process is finished, children will enjoy reading their very own visual story.

Superimpose Your Portraits Over the Visual Narrative
with One-of-a-Kind Technology

Kid in Story Book Maker’s templates let you bring each page to life with pictures of your child or student. Create your own template for total customization.

Share via Email or Dropbox

Kid in Story makes it easy for parents to share their children’s stories with other via email or Dropbox.

Children with Special Needs

We designed Kid in Story® Book Maker to for all children, including those with special needs.  The app’s engineering makes it particularly effective for children who benefit from using visual narratives to complement auditory directions. It also helps model task analysis and expected social behavior, reinforce routines and engage struggling readers.

By involving the child in making the social story, the child receives an in-depth social skills session and then the book can be sent to the child's parent or caregiver via email or Dropbox for ongoing reinforcement of the skills. We found the ability to customize the story by placing the child's photo into the scene to be highly motivating and engaging for all users.


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